Canter Free Font

The free font of the week is the Cantor free font. It has six different weights and they’re all unique and interesting. I really like the subtle variations in each different weight. The different weights are light, bold, shadow, strips, bold 3D, and outline. The fact that these are so different enables you to create various design styles, while still keeping them consistent with the same typeface. With the strips version you can create a handcrafted look to your typography which is very popular. The outline style is really interesting as well. I like the shadow and the bold 3-D versions because one is outlined and one isn’t so it really plays off the negative space beautifully. You can preview the Cantor free font below.

Canter Free Font: Main

The light version is very delicate and elegant. The typeface of role is condensed which means that you can have a decent amount of text in a small area. Having a light and bold version enables you to create a sense of contrast, especially in a logo or the text where you might use the logo. You can combine and overlay the different weights to create interesting effects. Imagine using the light version in a lime green, and the strips version underneath in a light gray. This would create a very interesting effect. This is only one example of many different combinations that you could use. The Canter free font was created by Christopher J Lee, of New York in the United States. Click the link to check out his portfolio on Behance.

Canter Free Font: 6 Weights

Download the Canter Free Font

The Cantor Free Font is available in six different weights which you can use and combine to create different design elements in your projects. To download the Canter free font, click the link below to be taken to the download page.

Download Canter

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