beat creative block

Creative Block

We’ve all been there. I hate the feeling of being stuck creatively. The thing is, you don’t have to live there. You can do something about your creative block. You can fight it in a variety of ways. It’s all just a matter of getting the mind to branch out and make connections.

Break Up The Project

Breaking up the project into smaller tasks can shut down the intimidation factor. A lot of times we get designer’s block, because a project seems large and daunting. If we break it down and make it seem more manageable, it seems like less of a burden and more of a challenge.

Create a To Do List

Make a list of objectives that need to be accomplished. This is along the same lines of breaking it down. The difference is, you’re freeing your mind from having to keep track of all of the parts. This enables you to devote your full brain power to developing creative concepts.

Sketch or Doodle Concepts

Working through designer’s block is tough, but getting the mind working is easy if you get into the habit of sketching. Sketch concepts or whatever is on your mind at the time. They key point I am trying to make is to get rid of the thoughts that are distracting you, so you can focus.

Talk to Colleagues or Friends

You never know when a chat with a friend, colleague, or even your spouse can help you to talk through the project. Getting a second, even a third opinion can help you see a project from another perspective. Sometimes we get tunnel vision in a project, where we approach a project from only one direction. Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes can help us branch out and make connections we might have never made before.

Browse Pinterest

Pinterest is the place for inspiration and collections. Do a search of your subject on Pinterest, looking at related boards. Try different keywords, and look at pins related to your project’s main topic and sub topics.

Google Your Subject

Research is a big part of every project. Try digging a little deeper. The solution to every design project isn’t always so straightforward. Research everything related to your clients business, their industry, their competitors,etc. Look at special events and what other companies in the same industry are doing. Look at what they’re not doing, too. All of this can add up to an award-winning design solution for your client.

Do a Word Association Exercise

Take your project and write down every word related to that topic. Write everything that comes to mind, whether it is closely related or not. You’d be surprised at how you make connections between different words and concepts. Just 1 word can make a connection that turns into a truly unique and clever concept.

Come Back to It Later

Sometimes you just try to hard. Trying to force yourself into doing something when it just isn’t happening can do more harm than good. Take a break and go do something else. Work on another project or go out to lunch. Coming back to it later can make all the difference. Sometimes, you’ll see something while you’re out and about that ends up sparking an idea. Sometimes things just come to you.


One of the best ways to beat creative block is to free your mind. Getting rid of what is holding you back subconsciously is the key to moving forward with your work. What are some ways you beat creative block? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.




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