Snowflake Brushes

A few days ago I created some vector snowflake shapes that you guys can download and use in your projects. I also promised that I would create some exclusive Photoshop brushes from these snowflake shapes. I always do my best to make good on my promises. That’s why I created a set of 10 free snowflake Photoshop brushes that you can download and use to create your own custom winter backgrounds. These snowflake brushes are high resolution, coming in at around 2500 pixels in size. This should be large enough to look great in any project in print or on the web. You can preview my free snowflake brushes below.

Free SNowflake Brushes For Photoshop

It’s really easy for you to import these brushes into Photoshop. You can drag the file itself into your presets folder inside of your Photoshop applications folder. If you want to import it into Photoshop while you’re working, simply click the fly out menu button and choose load brushes. Point to the file on your computer that you downloaded from me and you’ll see the brushes added to your selection. Photoshop will ask you if you want to start a new collection, or if you want to just add them to your current brush collection. Choose the right choice for you. Then, select the snowflake Photoshop brush that you want to use. If you open up the brushes preset panel, you can adjust every aspect of this brush that you want. You can make it scatter further apart. You can also make the brush fade in and out by adjusting the opacity jitter. You can save any changes to your brushes and create your own presets.


You can use my free snowflake Photoshop brushes in your personal or commercial projects. You don’t need to provide any credit to me. They are free to subscribing members. You can do just about anything you want with these brushes. The only thing that I ask you not to do, is to redistribute or sell these Photoshop brushes somewhere else. If you want to share these brushes, please link to my post. It helps my site to grow and it is much appreciated.

[membership_download style=”2″][download title=”Click Here to Download Free Snowflake Brushes For Photoshop” icon=”style1-Ai-64×64.png” icon_folder=”file_download” file=”” package=”” level=”1″ new_window=”” hide_alert=””]These free snowflake brushes are exclusive to Design Crawl. You’ll need to be a member to access them. Why not? They’re free![/download][/membership_download]

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