Vector Bokeh Backgrounds

When you create background graphics, you want the best quality possible. If you end up creating your graphics from scratch, the best choice is to create them in vector format. Everyone seems to love bokeh backgrounds, so I created this collection of free vector Bokeh backgrounds you can download and use in your projects. The great thing about these backgrounds is that they scale infinitely, so you can use them for print banners, web banners, posters, and more. They’ll always save as high quality, crisp graphics. You can see the my free vector bokeh backgrounds below.

Print Print Vector Bokeh backgrounds: Dark Vector Bokeh backgrounds: purple Vector Bokeh backgrounds: aqua Vector Bokeh backgrounds: blue Vector Bokeh backgrounds: RYG Vector Bokeh backgrounds: cyan to red Vector Bokeh backgrounds: Purple orange Vector Bokeh:blue orange purple Vector Bokeh: pink Vector Bokeh: burnt orange blue yellow

The great thing is that each of these backgrounds are different. Some have an intense bokeh effect. Others have a softer bokeh effect that is more subtle. There are a variety of bright colors, too. To edit these backgrounds, simply double-click the background. This opens up the clipping path so you can edit the background and circles. The circles are a custom brush I created, and you can manipulate the strokes for a different arrangement. You can raise or lower the opacity, and you can add or remove anchor points.

You can download these free vector bokeh backgrounds and use them in your projects. You can use them personally or commercially, and you don’t have to credit me or my work. The only thing you can’t do is redistribute them or package them up and sell them. If you want to share these backgrounds, simply share this post. You’ll promote my new site, and my work, which I greatly appreciate. To download, become a member of the site. it’s free, and you’ll receive a weekly email letting you know what’s new. You’ll see this week’s articles, as well as the freebies for the week.

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