Watercolor Vector Elements

As a young artist, I was always fascinated by the beauty of watercolors. Watercolor art has a unique appearance, especially when you get into mixing colors. There’s just something about the texture of the pain itself, when it’s applied to different types of paper. Watercolor artwork is great for landscapes and anything organic. It has a naturally organic look by nature. That’s why I’m excited about today’s free collection by Freepik. They are providing an exclusive set of watercolor vector elements. If you love watercolors much as I do, you’ll love the collection of watercolor vector elements shown below.

watercolor vector elements

When you think of watercolor you automatically think of landscapes and foliage. Those types of elements or what you typically see when people paint with watercolors. This collection of watercolor vector elements includes leaves and foliage, but it also includes useful items such as ribbons and banners. I especially love the feathers at the end of the collection. The mix of colors are beautiful and will stand out in any design.

This collection of watercolor vector elements are provided exclusively by Freepik. You are free to download them and use them as you wish in your design projects or even craft projects. They would look great in invitations or greeting card designs. Being vector elements, you can change the colors or resize these elements infinitely. This means you can use them in many different applications from posters down to business cards and even smaller. They are colorful, and fun, while adding an organic spirit to any design.

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