Foil Stamping

If you’ve ever received a foil stamped design piece, you likely picked it up and read it from top to bottom. Why do you think that is? Foil stamping takes your design work to a whole new level. The reason is the quality. The metallic sheen can’t be ignored, even in a pile of mail or other cards. Whether you use foil stamping on business cards, post cards, invitations, or anything else, it stands out. It practically screams “Look at me!” but in a way that speaks of quality.

Foil stamping is such a successful method for design, because it’s usually gold, which represents worth and value. Gold is the basis for our entire money system. If you remember, our nation had the gold rush, where thousands migrated to the west in search of gold and fortune. the great thing is that foil stamping isn’t limited to gold. You can foil stamp in just about any color imaginable. I have put together a collection of foil stamping examples that will show you some of the creative and dazzling things you can pull off with it.

Woodlands Logo Mark


Bell Invito Stationers


BadCass Damasque Business Card


Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation

Michelle Gagne


Intricate Hot Foil Stamping


Intricate Black & Gold

black-and-gold foil stamping

That’s right, this is all foiling stamping on a black card stock. This card is so detailed that you cant help but notice it, and the craftsmanship invloved.

Empiric Gin

gin bottle foil stamping



Solis Business Cards

solis-bc foil stamping


Foil Stamping opens up a world of possibilities, including elegance, class and sophistication. Some of these examples are intricate and well crafted. I love the Solis business card and the Empire Gin foil stamped bottle. Which one of these examples are your favorite? Have you created a foil stamped design? I’d love to see it. Share your foil stamping projects in the comments section below.

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