Spiral Designs

I wanted to create something fun that you don’t see everyday, so I put together a collection of spiral designs you can use as backgrounds or the basis for your own patterns. These spiral designs are vector based, so they scale with whatever project you’re working on. I created them in Adobe Illustrator CC using different techniques. You can preview all 11 spiral designs below.

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This is a nice collection of a variety of different spiral designs, complete with different contrasting color schemes. They are free for you to use in personal or commercial projects. you can download them and use them however you wish. You can alter them, change them, and make them into anything you need. The only thing I ask is that you don’t redistribute them or sell them somewhere. If you want to share these with others, please link back to this post.

I  am including the vector file, which is broken into different artboards. Each artboard has a different design, which should make it easier for you to work on. For some, there are different stroke weights and designs, giving you several options. You can always add some flair, with different stroke weights, layered stokes, or a dotted or dashed pattern.

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