It’s been a while since I’ve created a freebie for my readers. I’ve kind of been swamped lately with a lot of client work, so my focus has mainly been on meeting deadlines. I had a break in between project deadlines, so I had some time to create these free vector icons that you can use in your projects. I call them Shadowcons and there is a total of 70 of them. Let’s take a look at a preview of the 70 icons that you’ll receive in this set.


The concept behind this icon set is to take the original shape, but place a hard shadow underneath each icon. For nearly every single icon, the shadow is two pixels to the right and two pixels down. There are some icons that this idea didn’t work with, so at my discretion I had to reduce¬† the distance to one pixel in both directions. I also made the shadow semi-transparent, so that they overlay nicely on other surfaces, whether you’re using them in PNG format or SVG format.

shadowcons zoomed

You can download all 70 Shadowcons for free to use in your design projects. There is no attribution required. I’ve included the original Adobe Illustrator file, so that you can make edits to the icons and adapt them to your own uses. In the folder that you receive, you’ll also find all 70 icons labeled in separate folders depending on their formats. This means you’ll be able to find the icons you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Download These Free Shadowcons

While I’m not asking you to give me credit for these icons, I would appreciate it if you would share them on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and Pinterest. Anything that you can do to help me spread the word about Design Crawl would be much appreciated. Click the link below to receive this free icon set in your inbox.

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