Squarecons: A New Free Icon Set

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for a new design freebie. I love creating free icon sets. I really enjoy taking a basic concept and seeing what I can do with it. This week, I put together a free icon set based on rounded squares. The main shape is a rounded square, and i turned it into 20 different icons. You can preview my new free icon set below.

Squarecons Free Icon Set

This icon set is a custom set with icons for different objects and elements. You’ll find icons for a calculator, a tv, a present, a window, settings, brightness, a compass, a camera, documents and much more. These icons are available in native Adobe Illustrator format. They have been saved down to CS1, so most designers should be able to open them with ease. You’ll also find PNG and SVG versions for each icon, placed in specific folders to make them easy to find. You can use them as-is by dropping the png or SVG directly into your html document. SVG won’t upload to WordPress, so you’ll need to use the PNG versions if you are using WordPress.

You can modify these icons or use them as-is. You may use them in personal or commercial projects. The only thing you really can’t do with them is repackage or redistribute. You also can’t sell them somewhere. If you do happen to use my icons, please share Design Crawl on Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word about my site. Thank you, and enjoy!

[membership_download style=”2″][download title=”Free Squarecons” icon=”style1-Ai-64×64.png” icon_folder=”file_download” file=”https://designcrawl.com/wp-content/plugins/optimizeMemberPlugin-files/Squarecons.zip” package=”” level=”1″ new_window=”” hide_alert=””]These free icons are exclusive to Design Crawl. You’ll need to be a member to download. Why not? It’s Free! Register, login, and download everything you want! These icons are available in AI, EPS and SVG format. Enjoy![/download][/membership_download]

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