Designing a unique and attractive logo isn’t easy. After all, there are millions of logos out there in every industry. So, if you want yours to stand out, then it should be unlike anything else that already exists.

logo design inspiration

Even if you are a skilled graphics designer or have advanced logo design software that can design the logos for you, you can still use some inspiration to create high-quality designs. The following are 9 websites where can find it aplenty:

1. Logotalkz

Logotalkz was designed to allow creative and skilled logo designers from across the world to showcase their designs and share their concepts and ideas with others. The website itself is pretty much clutter-free and focuses on showing the designs as in a large gallery. If you are looking for particular types of logos, then you can also select the appropriate category such as “black and white logo”, “color logos”, “symbol logos”, etc. which can save you a lot of time.

2. Design Crawl

Design Crawl is an amazing design website that you must check out for your logo design and even web design requirements. Here you can find a number of blog posts covering inspirational designs. You can also find tons of free assets and designs such as free vector icons, backgrounds, typefaces, etc. If you use advanced graphic design tools like Photoshop or Illustrator, then you can use its informative and easy-to-follow tutorials as well.

3. LogoLounge

Need reference content for your logo? You should check out LogoLounge which is a top-notch platform for logo researching, discussions, and inspirational designs. It has over 170,000 logos for you to draw inspiration from, and a massive network of talented logo designers that you can share your ideas with to get feedback.

4. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a remarkable website for individuals who are looking for inspiration and lessons in graphic design. It’s a product of David Airey who is a creative genius and also the author of the well-known book that shares the name of the website i.e. Love Design Love.   

Love Design Love is a website dedicated to logo design and brand identity. So, here not only you will learn how unique logos are created but also how you can create a powerful brand identity. The website is updated a few times every week, so there is always something new to read or see here.

5. Tailor Brands Blog

Tailor Brands is an advanced logo generator that allows entrepreneurs across the globe to create unique logos with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Naturally, it’s way ahead of other logo generators in the industry, which is why you can learn a lot from its blog too.

While you can definitely find some of the most impressive designs on the blog, you can also learn various tricks about designing powerful logos such as the psychology of logo shapes, common logo mistakes to avoid, best logo color combinations, etc.

6. LogoGala

LogoGala is another great online logo inspiration gallery with a simple web design and tons of inspirational logos. If you are seeking logos that use a certain color palette, then this one is perfect for you as it allows you to find designs based on the colors you pick. It also posts a “featured logo” that highlights the best designs on the platform.

7. LogoGallery

LogoGallery is exactly what it sounds like: a “logo gallery”. However, what makes it stand out is the minimalistic web design which is essentially a single page but you can check out more logos by changing the list through the links on the bottom-right corner. The logos are neatly presented in a gallery and you can click the ones you find interesting to find their source and contact information.

8. Moat

Moat is a website to check out when you are specifically interested in how a logo looks on various types of advertisements. This is because it allows you to search a brand from its massive database and see a wide range of advertisements that the brand has used in the past. You will find all the big and small brands here including HP, Samsung, KFC, etc.

By taking a closer look at how popular brands place their logos in various types of advertisements on, you can get a few ideas of your own logo that are practical and effective.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest might market itself as an online pinboard where users can pin their images for others to see and share, but it’s actually a lot more than that. It’s the ultimate platform for marketers, advertisers, and graphic designers who seek inspiration. No matter what kind of logo you have in mind, you will find hundreds of thousands of examples here. These include retro logos, modern logos, black and white logos, etc. You can get as specific as you want, really. So, there you have it- 9 amazing websites where you can get your fix of logo inspiration every day. Take your time, and happy designing!

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