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We all think about the design work that we do on a daily basis, but how often do we consider our office design or setup? If you’re like me, you just want to sit down and work. The thing is, when we have to hunt for things, sit in awkward positions, and hunch over our desks, it really takes its toll. It can have an impact on our work and our performance, because it makes it harder to focus on our work and the tasks that need to be done. When you’re uncomfortable, it’s tough to create your best work. The tiniest distraction can throw us off our game. Let’s take a look at some practical office design tips to give us a great setup to really perform.

Maximize Your Work Surface

Have you ever tried to work on a tiny surface? I have. I used to work on a tiny home made desk in the corner of my house. I hate being cramped. You end up stacking papers on top of each other. You also tend to lose track of things. I find that an L-shaped, or even a U-shaped desk will give you plenty of room to spread out. Sketch in one area. Make notes & keep track of documents in another area. Leave room open for a designated task area. This can be a spot to work on all current projects.

Organize Documents

Don’t toss papers all over your desk. It’s a great way for things to get lost, or to mix project documents that should be separate. I find that a set of $20 stackable paper bins can help. Have one for new stuff. Have another for work in progress. Have another for completed tasks. Seeing work being completed gives you a visual confirmation of success. This can help motivate you, especially when you see that you are actually getting somewhere.

Use a Large Desktop Calendar

Even if you end up working on top of it sometimes, having a large desktop calendar can be super helpful. I makes notes of meetings and important events. Since I write a lot, I schedule article posts and plan out the month on the desktop calendar. It’s quick, handy, and it’s always just a glance away.

Have Chairs With Elbow Rests

Fatigue is my arch nemesis. If you’re like me, sometimes you pull 10-14 hour days. Having to hold your arms up to use your computer or move your mouse will cause fatigue in a hurry. If you do a lot of typing, having a spot for your elbows can feel like the difference between night and day.

Organize Cables

Having a tangled mess on your desk can lead to a tangled mess in your head. Keep cables neat and tidy. there are all sorts of cable management systems out there, especially for Apple computers. The good news is that they are relatively inexpensive. Keep your work surface free of cable clutter.

Keep useful Supplies Within Reach

Everything you use on a frequent basis should always be at your fingertips. Having a desktop organizer for pens, markers, sticky notes, notepads, your phone, and your tablet means you can work quickly and efficiently. Any time you have to dig for something you need is going to break your thought flow.

If Possible, Sit Near Sunlight

As a part of the human existence, we all need sunlight. We all need the vitamin E we get from its rays. If you have the opportunity, position your desk where you can receive sunlight for a portion of the day. It will brighten your mood, and boost moral. Looking at cld, dark wals all day will drive anyone crazy.

Invest in an Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Ergonomics is a big part of a healthy and productive workday. Don’t run yourself into the ground hunching over a desk to type. An adjustable keyboard tray will enable you to type in a position that is comfortable for you.

Keep Your Monitor at Eye Level

Hunching is murder on your back. Trust me, I know, because I am notorious for the office hunch while I am working on my Macbook Pro. Invest in an elevated laptop stand. Also, if you’re working on a desktop computer, raise or lower it so you’re looking directly at the screen.

Hang Up Inspiring Artwork

Your office has to be about you. it should be a culmination of all the things that you need to do your best work and think. it should be full of artwork and posters you admire. It should also be full of furniture you like and should match your personal style. the whole point of your office is to have a place where you can go and be you, be who you are, think your own thoughts, and enjoy what you enjoy.

Keep Inspiring Books & Magazines Handy

Reading industry magazines or reading about the latest design trends can help to inspire you and keep your work fresh and relevant. You’ll never know when these resources will get you out of a design rut.

Have Alternate Seating & Work Surfaces

We don’t all have large offices, but if you have the space, you might consider an alternative work space. You might try a standing desk, where you can get on your feet for a while and still get work done. I’m in the process of looking for one at the moment, but I’d love to get on my feet and off my rear for a couple of hours each day. Health-wise you’re not supposed to sit in the same seat for 10 hours per day. You’re supposed to get up and move or at least stretch every once in a while.

Have Decent Client Seating

Clients should have a place to site when they come to visit. A steel folding chair just won’t do. It’s hard enough to get clients to open up and tell us what they need, so let’s just make them physically uncomfortable, too. Just kidding. You’d be amazed at the finds you can pickup on Craigslist, especially if you’re on a budget.

Make it Easy to Converse With Colleagues

If you work with others, make it so that desks are arrange in a way so that people can talk to each other. You’ll be much more successful as a whole if you can bounce ideas off of each other. Don’t sit facing away from each other or bury your employees in a cubicle. No one likes that. it’s bad for moral and it constipates the the flow of ideas of your team.

Office Design Inspiration

Your office should be something that inspires you. Your office design is an important part of your business that , when paid attention to, can help you to work better, feel healthier, and feel comfortable. Let’s take a look at some beautiful examples of Office Design inspiration. Use these examples to motivate you to design your own office.

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