Summertime Icon Set

You can never have too many icons. They come in handle for everything from brochures and vector patterns to websites and user interfaces. If you really want to customize the look of a website or an app, using a consistent icon set is your key to success. This week, exclusively from Freepik, we have 100 hand-made Summertime icons. The collection is a fun and friendly icon set that could be used in a lot of summertime or beach-themed projects. Let’s take a look at the free Summertime icon set and what you’ll find in it.

free Summertime Icon set

When I look at this icon set, I immediate think of the beach, which seems to be everyone’s summertime destination. There are all sorts of icons that represent the beach, such as sand castles, shorts, bikinis, palm trees, beach balls, margaritas, sea shells, flip flips, and much more. The set as a whole is a fun collection of handmade icons with a real organic feel. The look is consistent across the whole set, which means when you use them, you’ll have a unified design.

This free Summertime icon set is free to download and use in your projects. You can alter them however you need to. You’ll find both SVG and PNG files for each icon. This allows you to just drop them into your project for the web, or you can bring the SVG into Illustrator and change them to match your project. This makes them easy to use and practical.

Download the free Summertime Icon Set

These icons are free, so download them and enjoy. The only thing I ask is that you don’t redistribute them or sell them somewhere. To download, click the link below. Once you enter your email address, they’ll arrive in your inbox in a matter of minutes.

Click Here to Download

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