Doing a great Job is essential

Doing A Great Job on Client Work Is Essential

I used to think that every designer’s goal was to do a great job and solve the problems of their clients. Essentially, that’s what we do. We solve problems in the best way possible. We create solutions for clients and their businesses to help them make more money, have a better presence, bring in new customers, etc. It wasn’t until I started working closely with clients while owning my own business that I learned how many clients are jaded by so-called designers. Let’s take a look at doing a great job for clients and why you’d be crazy not to.

So how does this happen?

For the life of me, I don’t know why designers do this. Maybe it’s for the money, or maybe they just aren’t passionate about what they do. There has been so many times that I have had to take over a client’s project where they’ve worked with someone calling themselves a designer, but never really did what they were supposed to. A lot of clients don’t know what to expect, so they just go along with whatever the designer says. Some people take advantage of small business owners, robbing them blind.

I honestly don’t know how this works or how they stay in business. There has to be some form of negative word of mouth that comes from constantly unsatisfied customers. A lot of my work is from referrals, so I know how important they are.

The Benefits of Doing a Great Job

You can sleep at night!

I don’t know how anyone can knowingly rip off people, take their money and run, or do a bad job and stick someone with it. I’ve been fortunate to have satisfied clients, mainly because that’s my goal.

You Make More Money

Why just take the down payment and split, when you end up making much more money from doing the job all the way through with success.

It Leads to More Work

There have also been situations where I’ve started with a smaller project, and before I knew it, they hired me to handle their website, and other promotional materials. You’ll be surprised at what will open the door to a bigger project.

You Build a Good Reputation

A good reputation is a big part of the business. You’ll want to keep your reputation in tact to keep bringing in quality business. Reputation is close to word of mouth, and can bring in just as many new customers.

You Get Killer Referrals

When you do a great job for your clients, they can’t wait to tell everyone. If you do everything you say you’ll do, get them results, and go a little above and beyond if possible, they’ll love you forever. The word will quickly spread, and they’ll speak of the value that you provided for them.

You Get Repeat Business

When you do a great job for clients, they keep coming back. Why would they go somewhere else when you do everything they need and more? They won’t. It’s plain and simple. When you provide value they can’t get anywhere else, you’ll be their go-to business for graphic and web design.


Doing a great job for your clients pays dividends that pay off. You should be passionate about your work and take pride in the work you do. Do you have any tips on how to add value to your work for your clients? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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