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As a professional designer, it’s all about the presentation. Trying to keep up with different social media image dimensions can be a pain. There’s already a ton of information we have to keep up with. Sometimes, you just need to see how something is going to look, instead of merely following guidelines. I decided to solve this problem by providing several social media templates you can use to try out images and graphics. You’ll be able to see ahead of time what your business graphics will look like, instead of doing the trial and error method.

These template are created as Psd files that you can download. I created specific layers where you can double-click a smart object layer and drop in your graphics. When you save the temporary file and go back to the main file, it will be updated with your graphics. This makes it easy to determine if you need to move something, or if you’re good to go. This will save you time from having to upload, make adjustments, and re-upload again.

I am providing 3 separate templates you can use. One is for Twitter, one is for Facebook, and one is for Google+. Let’s take a look at the specific dimensions you’ll need to use for your social media graphics.


Facebook Cover Photo template

Facebook’s cover photo dimensions are 851 x 315px. You’ll want to take into account the space for your profile picture, too. You will want to avoid placing any text in this area.


Google+ Cover Photo Template

Google+ is in a different format from the other social media sites. The photo is less wide, but more taller than other sites. The recommended size of your photos should be 1080px x 608px. You can upload larger photos, up to 2120px x 1192px in size.


Twitter Cover Photo Template

Twitter cover photos have the dimensions of 1500px x 500px in size. However, you need to leave breathing room at the top and bottom. You should leave 70px of space at the top and the bottom of your cover photos. Otherwise, important text may be cut off.

Download my free social cover photo templates

Avoid all the hassle of trial and error when it comes to social media images. Make your profiles and your client’s profiles picture perfect, without all the fuss. Click the link below to download my free templates.

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