Best Stencil Fonts

When you think of types of different fonts, most designers will list fonts such as Cirrus, sans serif, slab serif and fonts in those types of categories. However, there are other categories of fonts out there that designers will find useful. Stencil fonts have a distinct look that instantly makes you think of things like construction and shipping. I have compiled a list of the best stencil fonts you can download and use in your designs. When you start looking, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of stencil fonts available on the web. Let’s take a look at the 10 best stencil fonts listed below.

Armalite Rifle


This free stencil font has a destroyed look that is distinct. The aged look would be great on anything with a weathered texture, such as wood or stone.

Know Your Product

Best stencil fonts - Know your product

The next stencil font is a little less destroyed, but it still has the look of imperfection. This style looks more realistic, and has a more natural look than the sharper stencil fonts.



Gunplay is a sharp stencil font that is easy to read and has a strong presence.

Capture It


Capture it is a popular stencil font that I have seen used in a lot of different places. If you want a practical stencil font, then capture it is a good choice.



Kaine is a beautiful stencil font that is part of a package of multiple different styles of the same type family. Other versions include regular, outline and block. If you want a stencil font with regular alternatives, this is a great choice.



Stencilla is a well designed stencil font with sharp edges and a great structure. This font would be useful and practical applications.

Top Secret


Top secret is a fantastic stencil font that perfectly represents the stencil style that you would see on top-secret files from the CIA. This font is great for that classic covert operations look.

Octin Stencil


Octin is another example of a great free stencil font. It has many different weights to choose from, so do you have a lot of flexibility that you don’t normally have with stencil fonts.

Dock 51


Dock 51 is a weathered, grunge stencil font. If you are looking for that old destroyed look, this font will suit your needs.

Boston Traffic

best stencil fonts - boston traffic

With just the right amount of imperfections, and the perfect balance of positive and negative space, Boston traffic is a great stencil font that is easy to read.

Conclusion: Best Stencil Fonts

Which one of these examples do you think deserves the title of best stencil fonts? I really like the destroyed work, so Boston traffic is my personal favorite from the list. I’d love to hear what your favorite is from the ones listed above. If there’s a stencil font that you know and love, but it’s not on the list, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

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