Focal Point

The whole point of design is to get someone’s attention and deliver a message, either directly or creatively. Either way, it has to be effective. That instant when you snatch someone’s attention away is the point where they are drawn in. From there, you have to direct them around the page using different elements. Having a focal point is essential for any effective design. Let’s take a look at what a focal point is and how to harness it to your advantage.

What is a Focal Point?

The focal point of any design is the point or area where your eye is drawn. Your eye can be immediately drawn there, or it can be the point where you eventually arrive. There are different ways to create a successful focal point. Let’s take a look at a few examples of ways to create a focal point.



Rule of Thirds

An easy way to create a focal point in an photo or design is to divide the page up into thirds vertically and horizontally. From there, you can position an element on any of the points where the lines intersect. For an image, you can crop or resize an image so that a major part of the design aligns with a focal point on your page.


Focal point - color

Using color as a focal point is highly effective. For example, if you have a page of all black and grey dots, and then you place a single red one, that red dot will end up being the focal point of the entire page. The reason is because your eye is naturally drawn to red first.

Negative Space

Focal Point - Negative space

This is probably the easiest concept, but it’s also one of the most effective. The more negative space that you have around an object, the more it’s going to stand out. That’s why you see a lot of app sites with a lot of space around the device and app mockup.

Supporting Elements

Focal Point - Elements

Another way to emphasize a focal point is to have the rest of the elements on a page to direct the viewer’s vision in a specific direction. This can be done using angles, lines, and anything else that can lead someone to a specific point.


It’s important to have a focal point in your design work. This can lead people to the most important message, holding their attention longer. Using a focal point to your advantage is essential for ensuring the message is delivered. Do you have any other tips for creating a successful focal point?

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