Print Portfolio Booklet

Any way you can promote your work is to your benefit. Giving a prospective client something they can hold in their hands is much better than an email or a link to a website. Of course you should still have a great website, but if you’re looking to promote your work on a face to face basis, then you’ll need a nice booklet. A booklet is a great way to display your portfolio. I have created a free print portfolio booklet you can use to promote your work. There are 4 different pages, which include sample layouts you could use. You can preview all 4 pages of the print portfolio booklet below.

print portfolio booklet cover

Above, you can see the cover. This is a good spot for your portrait and your name.

print portfolio booklet about

The about page is a great place to talk about your experience. You could list your skills, accomplishments and anything else that might land you the job you’re looking for.

print portfolio booklet grid

The page above is a portfolio grid. You could give prospects a sneak preview of all of your projects. Below, you can see samples pages with more elaborate descriptions of your projects and duties.

print portfolio booklet project sample print portfolio booklet project sample 2

Using the Golden Ratio, I divided the page for content and images. You can have a decent amount of text, and a very large image, which makes this layout work well.

The Free Print portfolio template can be used to promote yourself or your business. You are free to use it however you wish. The samples images are not mine, and are actually free images from Pixabay. it’s a great place to download free images if you’re on a budget.

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