Useful Tools to Identify Fonts

Have you ever loved a font style or a typeface in a project, but had no idea what it was? That’s happened to me on several occasions. Part of learning how to use fonts is learning how to identify them. Having tools to help you out when identifying fonts can save you time and frustration. With some tools, you can even upload an image of what you see, and they’ll tell you what the font actually is. Let’s take a look at some useful tools for identifying fonts.

What The Font

what-the-font - identify fonts

Whatthefont has been around for ages. It is one of the most trusted tools for identifying what a font can be, using an image of the font itself. The site offers suggestions and recommendations of what the font might be, which is helpful for novice designers.

What Font Is

what-font-is - identify fonts

WhatFontIs is another image based font identifying system. It scans and analyzes images, making suggestions of what the fonts might be.



Identifont does things a little differently from other places. You answer questions about what a font might be. Identifont makes suggestions based on your answers to a series of questions about its characteristics.

Identify This Font


What better than a community to help you figure out what a font is? Post your questions in this subreddit, and you’ll get hep from actual people. This can be more helpful than using software. People tend to do a better and more accruate job with this.

What Font Chrome Extension


With this Chrome and Safari extension, you can hover over a font. The extension will tell you everything about the font you are hovering over. This is especially useful since the progression of a ton of Google fonts and TypeKit fonts have become more common. Heres a little tip for you. You can also right-click on a font and choose inspect, which will tell you what a font is. You’ll also see the CSS that styles the font.

Fontface Ninja


This is great for identifying fonts on the web. They boast the ability to try them out yourself. They frown upon stealing fonts, which is good that they support type designers. You can even hide images while working, for a distraction-free workspace.


It can be tough to identify fonts. There are so many fonts out there that it may seem like you’ll never learn them all. These tools will help you to identify fonts, so you can focus on working with them. Do you know of a useful place of app that helps identify fonts? Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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