Free Script Fonts

When you’re looking for an elegant touch for any design, script font is always a good choice. Not only are script fonts elegant, they add a personal touch to any design. A lot of designers have created custom free script fonts over the last few years. I’ve put together a collection of free script fonts that you can download and use in your projects. You can preview these free script fonts below.

Grand Hotel

Best Free Script Fonts: grand-hotel

Grand hotel is a non-slanted script font that is legible and has a nice presence.


Best Free Script Fonts: leckerli

Leckeri is a big, thick script font, meant to look imperfect and more natural.

Mission Script

Best Free Script Fonts - mission script

Mission Script is by the Lost Type Co and is one of my favorite free script fonts. Since I use it for commercial purposes, I bought a license.

Prime Script

Best Free Script Fonts - prime_script

Prime is a thick script font with thick and thin strokes, giving the font variation where needed.


Best Free Script Fonts - script fonts-remachine

Remachine is free for personal use, but it’s a high quality script font, so it’s worth paying for if you’re going to use it in a real project.


Best Free Script Fonts - ventography

I love the slant and the flow of this free script font. Ventography is smooth, balanced and has a strong presence.

Dancing Script

Best Free Script Fonts - dancing-script

I’ve always liked dancing script. It looks like a mix between a handwriting and script font, and is fairly easy to read.

Alex Brush

Best Free Script Fonts - alex-brush

Alex brush has become fairly popular lately. It flows well from letter to letter, and only has a few frills and ornamental strokes.



Euphoria is a good script font for personalized designs. When you want to make a strong personal connection, this is a good choice.



Freebooter has nice, rounded strokes that stand out. I like the curls on the tops of the ascenders, which adds a nice touch.

Great Vibes


Great Vibes is among my favorites for script fonts. The varying thick and thin strokes makes this font flow well, almost like calligraphy.



Lavanderia is a high quality script font with a unique look. I like the consistent strokes with this one.



Italiano is properly names, because it looks like a font you’d find on the menu of an Italian restaurant, like Olive Garden.

Learning Curve


Learning curve is a super-thin script font that looks like someone wrote it with a fine point ink pen.



Lobster has been a fan favorite for years. It has a strong presence thick strokes.



Pacifico is another script font that is considered to be a fan favorite among designers. You’ll find it all over the web, especially in retro designs.



Reklame is a script font that looks like someone wrote it with a felt pen. It has a handwriting quality about it that makes it great for a personal feel in design work.

Scriptina Pro


Scriptina is a flowing script font that would look great on wedding invitations and formal materials.



Tangerine is a well balanced script font with an old-world parchment or calligraphic feel.



Windsong is a fancy script font that almost looks hand written. It is thin and delicate, while remaining easily readable and elegant.

Wisdom Script


Wisdom script is a thick marketing script that many like for marketing materials.

Conclusion: Free Script Fonts

Which one of these free script fonts are your favorite? It’s amazing how many different types of script fonts there are. There are so many different styles available, you can apply the script fonts to almost any type of design. Some script fonts are used for formal occasions, while others are more applicable to retro style designs. Any of these free script fonts will be highly useful for any design.

Do you have a free script font that is one of your favorites that isn’t listed here? If so, I’d love to see it, so post it in the comments section below.

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