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Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved getting stuff in the mail. My wife laughs, because even now I am enthusiastic about going to get the mail. I read articles on several different design websites each day. I can’t deny that there’s something about holding a magazine in your hand and flipping the pages that just hits the spot. With that being said, a lot of design magazines have fallen to the wayside over the years. There’s still a lot of good ones around, though. Lets take a look at 15 great design magazines to keep you informed, inspired, and well read.

Digital Arts


Digital arts magazine provides readers with essential design techniques. Learn new tricks of the trade and brush up on old ones with this trusted resource.

Photoshop User

photoshop-user: Design Magazines

Owned by KelbyOne, Photoshop user has quickly become a popular magazine for useful Photoshop tips and tricks. Where it stands out is the fact that it mainly focuses on Photoshop from a commercial standpoint.

Web Designer Magazine

web-designer-magazine: Design Magazines

Web Designer Magazine provides web design professionals with the top design tips. You’ll also pick up on the latest information in the web design industry.

Photoshop Creative Magazine


Photoshop magazines seem to do well, considering multiple Photoshop magazines made this list. This magazine covers useful tips and tutorials for making the most of Photoshop.

Creative Review


The magazine about graphic design, illustration, advertising, and more is a must-read for any serious designer. They are an excellent source of inspiration, showing the best that the design industry has to offer.

Advanced Photoshop

advanced-photoshop: Design Magazines

Advanced Photoshop is for Photoshop users who are looking to learn advanced techniques. It stands out in the fact that it usually includes discs with free tools, brushes and add-ons for subscribers.


How: Design Magazines

How Design isn’t just a magazine, but they also hold conferences, too. They are very active in the world of design, and their magazine has been around for as long as I can remember.



ID is a magazine showcasing create professionals and their work. ID is a purely visual magazine, known for its class and sophistication.



Print magazine is all about the world of print. If you want to become a better print designer, Print magazine is your source for the best information.



CMYK is a magazine focused on the realm of print design. Their magazine is full of vibrant and inspiring work.



Net magazine has been a valuable source of web designers for years. They are owned by Creative Bloq, and provide useful tips and information for professional web developers & designers alike.

Communication Arts


Communication Arts is a staple in the graphic design world. Their annuals showcase the very best in advertising, photography, design, and more.

Computer Arts


Computer Arts magazine is a useful source for graphic designers. They provide useful tips for design professionals, and provide useful information surround design issues.

Eye Magazine


Eye magazine is a magazine that celebrates the best in graphic design. Anything visually compelling is showcased in this magazine for industry professionals.

Graphic Design USA


Around for decades, GD USA provides useful graphic design information about design trends, the design industry, and inspirational work.

Before & After Magazine


A favorite among many, Before & After magazine is known for teaching designers professional techniques. They teach you techniques for making your work stand out. Before & After Magazine is a great source of information. It’s great for honing your skills as a design professional.


You’ve seen a collection of the best graphic design magazines available today. They are all excellent sources of information. They are great for inspiration, too. It’s important to recharge your creative batteries. You can take your pick from any of these great sources. Staying on top of design trends is essential for staying ahead of the pack. Which graphic design magazine is your favorite? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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