Gifts For Graphic Designers

I hate to burst your bubble, but Christmas is merely 6 weeks away. Instead of waiting until the last minute to get a gift for that special designer in your life, you can beat the traffic and the crowds by getting a head start on everyone else. My wife asked me a few days ago, “What do you get a graphic designer for Christmas?” That is what sparked the idea for today’s post. I put together a collection of useful gifts for graphic designers. This is a list of useful and helpful gifts for graphic designers that they’ll actually use.


mstand - Gifts for graphic designers

$44.90 on Amazon

I have a 15″ Macbook Pro, and I have a lap desk for working on the couch at home. When I am working at the office, my laptop screen is a little low, causing me to hunch over. A simple, stylish stand would help a great deal, putting the laptop at eye level.

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard for PC and Mac

Ergonomic keyboard - gifts for graphic designers


Now, this is a gift I could use. I hate straight keyboards. I’ve never thought they felt natural. An ergonomic keyboard would be great for my hands and would stop those hand cramps. If you are buying for a writer of a coder, this keyboard will at least get you a high five or a hug.

Dropbox Pro Account

dropbox - top gifts for graphic designers

$99.00 per year

This is something I use every single day. With a Terabyte of storage, a Dropbox Pro account is like having a backup drive for all of your important files. Also, you can share files with clients. You can also access your files from anywhere with a mobile connection.

An iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift card -  gifts for graphic designers

No, really! An iTunes gift card is one of the best gifts for graphic designers and is not at all considered a total cop out. If I got a few of these in the mail, I’d jump around (hint, hint). An iTunes gift card can score a designer some new apps they want, or maybe a new piece of software that will save them hours of work. If you give me something that helps me be more productive, or fulfills a need for me, I am ecstatic!

Macbook Decals

lion macbook decal

$5.00 – $10.00 Each

If your beloved designer can’t settle for the simple, beauty of the Apple logo, you can pick up a stylish decal for your computer. There are all sorts of decals centered around the Apple logo. Just pick one that matches their style and personality.

A Design or Photoshop Magazine Subscription


Starting at $25.00 per year

Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail. One of the most enjoyed gifts you can get anyone is a magazine subscription to something they love. A magazine subscription to one of the best design magazines would be an excellent gift. If you need a list of magazines, you can see a complete list of design magazines. You can order a physical edition, or you can order a digital edition if they have an iPad.

Old School Lap Desk (With Storage)

old school lap desk - gifts for graphic designers


I mentioned a lap desk earlier. I don’t always work from my office. Sometimes it’s late at night, and I am writing articles or working on a project on the couch. A lap desk is something any designer will get a lot of use out of. The one shown above has built in storage for pens, paper, and charge cables.

Kantek Adjustable Footrest



My back hurts constantly. Sometimes, I pull 14 hour days at the office, and that can do a real number on your back. Having a spot to rest your feet can properly align your spine, alleviating pressure on those extended days.

Cable Organizer



I hate having a big tangle of cords all over my desk. This inexpensive gift will cut down on frustration and desk clutter. A stress free environment helps you work better and more efficiently.

Browser Sketch Pad

Browser sketch pad


If you are buying for a web designer, this sketch pad with a browser layout will help them to visualize placement much easier. Pair this with a regular Moleskine sketchbook and a set of good drawing pencils, and you’ll have a pleased designer.

Moleskine Sketch Book



Speaking of Moleskine, they make some of the best sketchbooks on the market. A fairly inexpensive gift, a Moleskine can fit in your pocket, giving full access to a journal for all of their ideas.

Graphic Design & Web Design Books

responsive-web book


A designer can never have enough books. From books on web design, graphic design, to typography, a mini collection of books will be much appreciated. Here is a comprehensive collection of 25 esential design books.

Wacom Inkling



Anything related to Wacom and digital drawing will be enjoyed by a designer. You’ll be considered their hero if you pick up the Inkling by Wacom. It takes your paper drawings and translates them digitally as you work. You can take your hand craftsmanship, and drop it into Photoshop or Illustrator instantly.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Intuos Pro

A little more expensive, the Intuos Pro is an amazing digital drawing tool. I own one just like this, and it’s always in my travel bag. It goes where I go, because it’s such a handy tool. Want to knock the socks off of your designer friend or spouse? Put this gift under the tree.


Logitech Trackball Mouse

trackball mouse


If they spend a lot of time on the computer, like most designers do, then a pro grade mouse is a great gift. The programmable buttons and the thumb track ball reduces fatigue. It also provides laser accuracy on any surface.

Pantone Color Guide

pantone color guide


Color is an essential part of every designer’s job. Having a physical palette book at your finger tips can help take your work to the next level.

Belkin Keyboard Case iPad

belkin keyboard case


Tablets are great, but the built in keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. Many product companies make cases with built in keyboards for iPads and other tablets. Don’t go with an off brand, though. It’s important to have a keyboard where the keys respond properly.

Logitech Keyboard Case iPad Mini

logitech keyboard case


I own an iPad mini, and it’s important to know that they make keyboard cases for those, too. I love mine, which happens to be an iHome. Other makers like Logitech and Belkin make them, too.


I’ve put together this list of great gifts for graphic designers, to help you choose something good for your designer friends. It’s tough deciding what to get people. I have a tough time deciding what to get my own friends. This list is devoid of fluff, and any designer would be glad to have any of these gifts. Which one do you want as a gift? I’d love to receive either the laptop stand, the footrest, or the lap desk with storage. Do you know of a can’t-miss gift any designer would love? Mention it in the comments section below.

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