Refresh Your Designs With These Free Fonts

It’s been a while since I shared a collection of new free fonts for designers. Every now and then, it feels like our designs become stale. We look for new fonts or techniques to freshen things up, but sometimes that can be tough. Finding just the right font can make all the difference in your work. Having a library of great fonts at your disposal means you’ll have plenty to choose from. Let’s take a look at a collection of new free fonts that just recently came out. Use these to breathe new life into your daily work and new projects.



Gidole is a simple, rounded sans serif typeface with sharp corners. I could see using this in a logo, because it’s easy to read and has a unique look.




Bakersfield is a geometric font, complete with ligatures and a streamlined look. The premium version has 22 weights to choose from, but you can pick up the free version, which contains 2 weights.




Brotherhood is an elegant script font that would look great on wedding invitations, or even signature logos. If you want a fancy look, Brotherhood is the right font choice.


Kino 40


Kino is a rough font that is useful when you want a script or brush style, but with a vintage flair. It has tiny imperfections that give it a little personality.



cathedral - new free fonts

Based on classic lettering, Cathedral is gorgeous, with its sharp serifs and distinct look.


Retro Sans

retro-sans - new free fonts

This reminds me of the retro lettering you’d see on 1930s signage. Most of those were hand painted and generalized. It has a great look to it, and I could see using it in a variety of vintage-inspired projects.


Libre Caslon


Libre Caslon has all of the flair and classic style that you’d expect from Caslon, but it’s optimized for the web. This is a great web font that will give your site a classic look.




Complete with ligatures and all, this free font is an interesting take on a sans serif font. It has a very technical feel to it, which would make it great for architecture or a tech venture.




This font instantly reminds me of the constructivist era, with its bold lettering. You’ll love the sharp edges and squared corners.



This is a great collection of free fonts that just recently came out. You’ve seen a mixed bag of vintage, classic, serif, and sans serif typefaces you can use to freshen up your work. Which one of these free fonts are your favorite? I’m a big fan of Cathedral, but I like them all.

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