Free Retro Fonts

Everybody loves the retro or vintage look. While it’s not that easy to pull off sometimes, having the right retro font can make all the difference. The typefaces of yesteryear were carefully handcrafted to perfection. We easily recognize fonts from past time periods as being retro. I put together a mini collection of free retro fonts you can download and use in your designs. You can preview these free retro fonts below.

Alt Retro (5 Styles)

Alt Retro free fonts

This is an interesting, decorative retro font with 5 different styles. I love the intricate linear quality inside of the text.


Andes: Free Retro Fonts

Andes is a tall typeface that has a great presence. it has a real Art Des=co feel that is unmistakeable.


Free Retro Fonts: Bazar

Bazar is great for creating vintage designs. In my SitePoint article about nailing the vintage look in your design work, I featured Bazar. I have also used in in a couple of retro and vintage inspired designs.


Free Retro Fonts: Streetwear

Streetwear is one of my favorite new retro free fonts. It has a retro script flair, while beaing easily readable.


Free Retro Fonts: Fairview

Fairview is a retro industrial-style typeface that reminds me of the factory days, when assembly lines were king.


Free Retro Fonts: Disclaimer

Disclaimer is a super-tall font that breathes retro and vintage. Its height is so exaggerated, yet it’s somehow still legible.


Free Retro Fonts: Berlin

Berlin is 4 typefaces in one. I love the serif and slab serif fonts. Berlina is my favorite of the bunch.

East Market


East Market is one of those retro free fonts with vintage flair. It’s thick stems, combines with the slab serifs gives East Market a strong presence.



Riesling just screams retro. When used in the right places, it is unmistakeable.



Norwester reminds me of industrialism from the early 20th century. The thick strokes and combination of rounded and squared corners make this a balanced retro font.



Wanted is a wild west inspired retro font. It is made to look imperfect, which is accurate for that time.



Franchise is a bold retro font that is very popular. I use Franchise or Bazar for most of my bold retro designs.

The reason I think that everyone loves retro and vintage inspired designs, is because it refers to a time where things were handcrafted and built with quality. When you see a retro logo, or any other retro design, you automatically associate that product with quality. You also immediately associate it with being established and experienced, even though it might just be a new company using a vintage design for promotion. This means you can leverage vintage and retro design to help build a loyal following for your business.

Conclusion: Retro Free Fonts

The nostalgia of retro is almost intoxicating. In an era where everything is streamlined, and has a modern look, anything that is designed in a retro style immediately stands out. Fonts that I listed above are great examples of free retro fonts that you can find on the web. Using these free retro fonts will enable you to create retro and vintage inspired designs that everybody loves. Which one of these free retro fonts is your favorite? Do you have another retro font that I didn’t list here that you would like to have included on the list? If so, feel free to list it in the comments section below.

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