Handwritten Fonts

I love typography as a whole. I love how you can say so much, not with just the words themselves, but the typeface that you’ve chosen. If you want to give a design a modern look, you might use a sans-serif bold font. If you want an elegant look, you might choose a thin sans-serif, or a classic serif typeface. It all boils down to the typeface you use. If you want to add a personal touch to your design, you may consider handwritten fonts. I have put together a selection of quality handwritten fonts you can use to add a personal touch to your work.

Sketch Block


This is a cool sketch font that looks like someone sketched out each letter. It has a unique presence and was widely popular for a while.



Chomp is a super-thick handwritten font that has a great look. It looks like someone wrote it with a thick permanent marker.

Grimshaw Hand


Grimshaw Hand looks like someone wrote each letter with a pencil. It almost looks like a mix between pen and pencil.



Daniel looks like lettering you would find in a handwritten note. I have always been fond of Daniel as a handwriting font.


handwritten fonts - Journal

Journal is just as the name implies. It looks like personal handwriting you would find in someone’s  private journal.



Mathlete is tall, and has a strong presence. A lot of designers like Mathlete as their handwritten font of choice.



Pacifico is a widely popular font that has been around for a while. It blurs the lines between a brush font, a script font, and a handwritten font.



Snickles is a bold and beautiful handwritten font. It is actually one of my favorite handwritten fonts. it is tall, with varying stroke widths.



Brisa has a natural slant that some people’s handwriting tends to have. It looks like someone is writing with purpose.



Noteworthy is another one of my favorite handwritten fonts. It looks like it was written with a fine point pen.


If you want to add a personal touch to your designs, any of these handwritten fonts would be a great choice. Which one is your favorite. Feel free to leave your choice in the comments section below.

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