New Free Fonts

It’s amazing how many designers are getting into creating beautiful free fonts. You’d be blown away by some of the gorgeous fonts designers are giving away for free. Many graphic designers are doing this simply to get their name out there. Every so often, I like to gather a collection of some of the best new free fonts and shared them with fellow designers. Just from looking at these fonts, you can get an idea of the craftsmanship that went into making each one. Let’s take a look at 10 new free fonts for October 2014.



Looque is a decorative free font that would be perfect for display purposes. I could see this going on a book cover, or a fashion magazine.



Modeka is a modern free font with thin strokes. I love the look of this font, because it’s similar to the one that I used for my own design studio. It’s tall, giving it a strong presence. It would be great for use in tech-based designs.

Nexa Rust


Nexa is already a great typeface. It’s been widely used, and designers all over the world love its look. Nexa Rust is its imperfect cousin, and has gained just as much popularity. The distressed typeface is great for a variety of purposes.



Luthier is a elegant serif typeface with a great look. It’s made to be easy to read it many different sizes and weights. This free font would be great for use in body copy.



Brela is a great new font with a lot of versatility. I like the angled serifs and the variable width strokes like the ones that you see in the letter Y.



Pirou is a unique font that would look great in any letterpress design. It is simple, elegant and has the perfect balance of thick and thin strokes. Overall this font is consistent and well built.



Arca is a great new geometric font with a strong presence. This font would be great for any architecture firm, or any business that wants to make a statement. The sharp lines in straight angles make this a bold and powerful font.

Big John / Slim Joe


Big John & Slim Joe is a set of two fonts that are made to work together. They are being promoted as a set, and they are meant to produce maximum contrast. This would be great for any logo where you want a consistent typeface with two distinct widths.


Kamfer: New free fonts

Kamfer is a serif font with large serifs. You can’t miss these serifs, but they help to give this free font a stable base. I can see this spot being used in a lot of business logos.


Atvice: New Free fonts

Atvice is a unique, bold font with a powerful presence. With thick vertical strokes and thinner horizontal strokes, this font is great for tight spaces.

Which one of these new free fonts is your favorite? This collection is a good mix of new free fonts, because there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a bold display typeface, or a delicate serif typeface for body copy, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. Download these new free fonts and use them to inspire your creativity in your next project.

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