Best Free Inline Fonts

In line typefaces are not very common. You won’t find many in-line typefaces that are any good. However, there are a few popular typefaces that have in-line versions, of which add a nice touch of variation to any typeface. It helps to balance out thick strokes when a typeface contains an in-line segment. There are a lot of commercial fonts that include an in-line version. I’ve put together a collection of free in-line fonts that you can use in your designs. A lot of these fonts are popular to begin with, but you’ll get added use out of them with their in-line versions.


Mensch: Free Inline Fonts

We all know the Mensch free font. It comes in for weights, and one of them happens to be an in-line style.


Best Free Inline Fonts: Intro

Intro is a big bold font. To balance out its thick strokes, it has an in-line style, which looks great.


Best Free Inline Fonts: Blender

Bender is a unique free font with interesting angles. The in-line version of this typeface accentuates those great angles.

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans: Best Free Inline Fonts

Ostrich Sans has an in-line version as well. What I like about ostrich, is that the endpoints for all vertical and horizontal strokes are open instead of being closed.

Conqueror Inline

Best Free Inline Fonts: Conqueror

Conqueror is a medium weight font. Its in-line style gives it a subtle variation, making it not so standard.


Rex: Best Free Inline Fonts

Rex has strong angles and a tall x-height. It’s linear form is accentuated with its in-line style.


Best Free Inline Fonts: Blanch

Blanch is a rounded typeface which looks cool with an in-line style. The reason it looks so good is because the corners are rounded which softens the look.


ribbonbanner: Best Free Inline Fonts

Ribbon is a unique display font to begin with. Add the fact that it has an in-line style, and you have a bold novel the font that stands out.


homestead: Best Free Inline Fonts

If you already own homestead, then you know it has a lot of different variations already. Combined the fact that Homestead is so bold with the fact that it has an in-line style, and you had the makings for a great display font.


Lovelo: Best Free Inline Fonts

Lovelo is a unique typeface from start to finish. With every form being created with open strokes, and some are even missing, Lovelo has a unique appearance that can’t be ignored. This is probably my favorite in-line typeface. In my opinion, Lovelo is one of the best free in-line fonts.

Which one of these fonts do you think are the best free in-line fonts? I already told you mine. I would love to know your opinions. If you know of a great free in-line font that I didn’t mention here, feel free to leave that in the comments section below.

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