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Mobile apps have become multimillion dollar business. Many designers, and also many companies, are focused more on mobile apps than ever before. Really popular graphics right now, are those that feature people using mobile apps. Mobile user concepts show people interacting with mobile apps on mobile devices. On top of that, the flat design style is really popular right now. That’s where this set a free vector app designs come in. These vector app designs show people interacting with mobile apps. These are exclusively from, and they are very high-quality. These concepts are powerful for connecting with the mobile minded society that we have built on today. You can download these vector app designs for free just by being a member. You can preview these free vector designs below.

Vector App Designs 15

The first concept shows two people using mobile apps and clicking the buttons. Touch devices are really popular right now, so this concept is fairly common.

Vector App Designs 19

The next concept shows many different mobile app icons on a mobile device. This shows all of the possibilities that you’ll find on mobile devices for representing different apps. There seems to be tens of thousands of apps out there and they all have their own icon. This concept shows just how big the market really is.

Vector App Designs 18

The next vector app design is a concept that shows the different things that you will find on a mobile device. Things such as cloud storage, the mobile web, keeping up with your schedule, TV, social media, and managing your time are just a few the concepts that you’ll see in this design. People use mobile devices more than ever for organizing their lives.

Vector App Designs 17

This next concept shows someone using the settings on their mobile device. There are also different icons such as a shopping cart, email, and calendar. They have these are all things that people do on mobile devices. The camera one and photos are especially popular with mobile devices.

Vector App Designs 15

This concept shows people in a circle all using their Mobile device, but they’re all doing something different. This shows how each mobile user is different from the next one. One may be listening to music, while another one is shopping. Another one might be searching for something, while the other one is checking their email. There’s a wide range of things to do with your mobile device, and the possibilities seem to be endless. This vector app concept shows that well.

Vector App Designs 29

This concept seems to be geared towards developers. They show someone creating a wireframe and designing how the app is set up. This could be a useful illustration that a developer might use on their portfolio website. An agency could use this concept as well to show all of the thought that goes into creating a mobile app.

Vector App Designs 32

This concept is an abstract one, but it makes sense anyway. It shows a mobile device where the person comes out and it points to a ribbon. This concept could be used to show that mobile devices or mobile users are interested in a certain concept or information. It could also represent targeting mobile users and getting them to interact with your app.

Vector App Designs 28

This concept is really interesting because it shows one person using a keyboard, and another person using a mobile device. This shows how technology has transitioned from desktop to mobile over the past few years. It shows how those areas now seem to overlap more than ever. This is a great concept and it’s visually powerful.

Vector App Designs 27

This vector app design represents mobile users and cloud storage. The concept represents how everything seems to take place in the cloud now, including shopping, keeping track of your life, email, and everything else. This is a great concept that really drives the message home.

Vector App Designs 24

This concept shows many people doing different tasks on their mobile devices. One person is resizing and cropping photos, another person is looking at stats, and another person is listening to music. The other users are shopping, creating documents or tracking progress with charts. Another person is even reading the news. All of these things can be done on mobile devices and it’s this is a great representation of that concept.

Vector App Designs 23

This concept shows a variety of users holding up their phones looking at different areas of the web. One person maybe shopping, while another person is surfing the Internet. The reason that this one stands out to me, is because it seems like everybody holds up their phone in this manner when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

Vector App Designs 22

This concept is great because it shows someone creating a document on their tablet. This would be great for a designer or a developer who does some of their work on a mobile device.

Vector App Designs 20

This final concept shows many mobile devices with icons that represent different tasks that you can do with them. Some of these tasks include email, photos, finding a location, chat and more. These are all concepts that represent things that you can do on mobile devices.

These vector app designs are free to download and use in your projects. They are free for personal or commercial use. However, you may not redistribute them as is, sell them, etc. Simply become a member, and you can download these exclusive vector app designs from and more.

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