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Each week I like to share something cool from the world of typography. The past couple weeks of shared great examples of inspiring typography. This week I put together a collection of fresh free fonts for the month of November 2014. There are a variety of different fonts included in this collection. They are all beautifully crafted and when used in the right project, they’ll help your work to stand out. Let’s take a look at this collection of 12 fresh free fonts for November 2014.




Noir is a bold geometric font that would be great for display purposes. It has a short x-height, which gives it an exaggerated look. If you want a typeface that will make a bold statement, Noir is the right choice.


Adam CG


Adam CG is another sans serif geometric typeface. It has a strong presence, and as you can see, it looks great over images. The stroke weight of this typeface is thick enough to make it easy to read.



Fins is a unique free font with rounded corners. The rounded edges on some of the stems of this free font add a unique aspect to its look.



Canos is made up of many different dots and reminds me of the vintage signage of yesteryear. When used correctly this free font won’t really get a lot of attention.



Bizon is a handmade typeface. Instead of focusing on crisp lines and perfect geometry, Bizon focuses on craftsmanship. The handmade look gives this font and organic feel.



This free font is inspired by vintage neon signage. It adds a touch of detail without overdoing it. Each letter is easily distinguishable, even though it can be a little intricate in some places.

High Tide


High tide is an experimental free font using unconventional strokes for each letter. There is a straightforward version where the letters are more traditional, which is available as well.


curly - Fresh Free Fonts

Curely is another hand made free font that really adds an organic touch to any design. With numerous imperfections, this typeface looks hand drawn, which adds to its personal appeal.


frinco - Fresh Free Fonts

Frinco is an elegant typeface with its own take on cross-bar structure. Strokes are also added in unexpected places, but they don’t hinder readability.



Aqua is an excellent rounded free font that reminds me of Paul Rand’s ABC logo.



Ahamono is a mono-spaced, which reminds me of vintage typewriter fonts from the past. Ahamono is more streamlined than any of those, though. It would be good for display purposes, but I wouldn’t use it in body copy.


moka - Fresh Free Fonts

Moka is a very thin, tall typeface with an in-line stroke. Originally designed for a coffee company, this typeface could be put to good use.


There are a lot of useful new typefaces in this collection. Which one of these fresh free fonts are your favorite? I really like SRFM Neon, for its unique qualities. It would be great if used sparingly and in the right project. I would love to hear what you think about these free fonts. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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