Inspiring Type Examples to Get You Going

It’s that time again, and I’m back with another great selection of inspiring type examples. You aren’t trapped into flat, lifeless type. Your type can be made of anything, anywhere, and at any time. What’s great is that the sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination. I put together a collection of different 3D type, hand lettering, and just plain creative typography. Let’s take a look at these inspiring type examples. if you like something, please be sure to share their work!

type illustration skyscraper

You really get a sense of scale when you look at this. The artist did a great job with perspective, light and shadows to create a convincing scene.

textured 50 type

Textured type is always cool, and when you create it in 3D, it stands out even more. this text looks like it was galvanized and cast from hot metal.

hand painted type

It’s hard enough to drawn type on paper by hand, but imagine painting it on a large surface, such as a wall. That adds to the challenge, but look at the execution here, complete with shadows and decorative lines.

light and shadow text

It looks like a couple of dimensional surfaces and shadows are being used here to form the letters we see. I love the sense of dimension we get from these simple shapes.

world type

A mix of Photography and letter shapes creates an interesting effect. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of this design.


The shadows of the layered surfaces, combined with the merged letters creates these letters What an effective and powerful design.

wire type 3D

I’m not sure if this was computer generated, or if this was created with a 3D printer pen, but this is some amazingly detailed work.

skeletal type

This takes the anatomy of type to a whole new level. The look of the bones and structure are impressively accurate, and what you’d expect from an animal or creature.

fruit type

Like I said in the intro, you can make type from anything. It’s awesome how you can make fun type from anything, including fruit.

dimensional paper

It’s one thing to create type on paper, but to create 3D type from paper? Not only are they cool, but they are very decorative and illustrative. What a creative concept!

hand penned lettering

Some people have the patience to site there and create extremely detailed and precise type with pen and ink. The examples above make me nervous to even attempt something so intricate with a pen.

magazine type

The examples above are very simple, but creative type treatments found in a book. I love the composition here.


From paper crafted type to hand drawn pen and ink type, these are inspiring type examples you can use to jumpstart your own creativity. which one is your favorite? Mine would have to be the paper type, because I know the work that went into creating it.

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