Dual Free Font

It’s hard enough to create a font. A lot goes into the development of a typeface. Building a consistent typeface takes a lot of time and effort. The shapes and contours of each letter has to be just right. If one letter is off, it can throw off the rest of the typeface. A quality typeface is consistent from start to finish. This week’s free font is called Dual. The Dual free font by Charles Daoud, is an excellent typeface. It would be great if it was just one typeface, however it gets its name from the fact that it’s actually two typefaces in one. Many of the letters have alternative styles, which makes this typeface unique. You can preview the Dual free font below.

dual free font in use

Dual is a geometric font with 90° angles. However, the sharp angles do not detract from its legibility. Dual’s letters do not take up any more space than they should. They are too wide, and the strokes are not too thick. Overall the typefaces well-balanced, even when using the alternative styles or ligatures.


Despite having alternative styles, which you can find under glyphs when using Adobe Illustrator, each letter is still easily readable. You instantly recognize the new alternative “a” is still an “a”. The alternates add variation to the typeface which makes this font a great one for creating logos with a unique look. The great thing is, they will still be easily readable because you can still recognize each letter.

dual free font 250 alternates

The Dual free font comes in three weights. However, only the 300 weight is free. You can purchase the other two weights, which are 100 and 600 on myfonts.com. You can still get a lot of use out of the 300 weight, because it still comes with a lot of alternatives and ligatures that you would expect.

What you think about the Dual free font? It could easily become one of my new favorites in my library of most used fonts. The well-balanced, geometric look of Dual, combined with alternate styles makes this an interesting font for a variety of design projects.

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