Creative Letterhead Design

If you caught my post about letterhead design tips, then you’ll know that letterheads are an essential piece of branding material that says a lot about who you are and what you do. A professionally designed letterhead can go a long way with giving your business the image it needs to build confidence with clients. Having an instantly recognizable letterhead means that people and businesses you work with will always know when you’ve sent them correspondence. Creating your own can seem like a difficult task. Gaining inspiration will help give you some ideas for creating your own. I’ve put together a collection of 30 creative letterhead design examples.

she believes ink m - creative letterhead design

It turns out that a lot of designers are starting to add color to the back of letterheads for an added touch of brand recognition. Adding elements from your logo or branding materials can help to tie it in with your business cards, folders, and more.

pears - creative letterhead design

This is a simplistic, but effective approach. The vintage style is accentuated by the textured envelope and stamp.

retroflow - creative letterhead design

Tying in your logo elements and brand marks is highly effective for print design. A lot of designers are making it seem as though design elements are seamless transitioned from on side to the other. When you flip the letterhead over, the wavy line design continues perfectly onto the back side.


Many letterheads will have a simple, centered logo in the header. I like the colored box surrounding the contact information, but I’m not sure whay it was placed close to the bottom.

thunder thighs - creative letterhead design

A common trend is to add the contact info under the logo, and to stack it all in a thin column on the left side, like the example above.


Rounded corners for a letterhead? Why not? It will certainly stand out, and the colorful back side shows off the brand colors.

charlotte topling photography midea

This is a simple letterhead design. I like how they flipped the logo lettering and made this its own design element.

yellow balck white - creative letterhead design

A bright signature color will always get a lot of attention. I also like the contrasting black and white pattern. These colors work well together, and the black ink is still easily readable on the yellow letterhead.

drip emboss

An embossed logo is a great way to make your letterhead stand out. even though it’s a black and white design, the raised logo will still get your attention. It also adds a tactile quality to your work. I am willing to be $10 that half of the people that receive this end up rubbing their fingers and thumb over it.

black outline - creative letterhead design

This letterhead design is a gutsy move. It’s tough to get a consistent border around a page, due to registration. I’m wondering how they pulled this off consistently.

maminena - creative letterhead design 19

What a beautiful, minimalistic design! I love the white dots. This is better than just a plain black side, which would have been too minimal.

sempre danes

I love how the d is cropped by the edge of the page. It definitely gets your attention.


The logo and the linear border work extremely well together for a seamless design.


The red vertical stripes on the back side of this letterhead will definitely grab your attention.


A lot of designers will ghost the logo mark in the background of a letterhead. I wouldn’t go darker than 15% though. This ensures that text is easy to read, without interference.


I love the vintage ribbon in this designer. creative letterhead design isn’t always about fluff and embellishments. It’s mostly about style.


The diamond pattern is striking. Also, the pattern is used as a border at the bottom of the front of the letterhead.

vtm somewhere

This is a great example of vintage letterhead design. The vintage ticket goes great with it.

global vintage pepsi

I saw this vintage Pepsi letterhead and had to throw it in this collection. The border of the logo leads your eye down the page. What a great example.

express printing puur waverider musica


Which one of these creative letterhead design examples are your favorite? I love the vintage Pepsi one, but I also really like the Chop Shop example. Use these examples to inspire you to create your own creative letterhead designs. Promote your business with style and class and it’s destined to grow. If you know of any other beautiful letterhead designs, leave them in the comments section below.

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