Incredibly Inspiring Typography

There’s something about lettering and typography that says so much. When someone really takes the time to craft beautiful typography, it makes you stop in your tracks. Whenever someone can creatively use type or mix it with imagery, it has so much more impact than if the 2 were separate. Last week, I started this series, showcasing inspiring typography from the world of design. Take a look at the amazing and inspiring typography examples below.

Shoe Sale

 shoe sale type

My wife loves shoes. I showed her this ad, and at first, she didn’t notice the lettering. Then, when she saw is, she literally went “Oh, wow!’ When a message is clever and it connects with its audience, that’s when the magic happens.

Magnus Moan Logo

interwoven m

I love the interwoven m’s in this logo. It’s so simple, yet so effective.

Ordinary Extraordinary

amazing hand written type

This is an ambitious and really inspiring typography example. It blows me away every time I look at it. The tiny dots and thin lines that make up the background are spectacular.

Retro Vintage Insignias

vintage insignias

Part of a commercial pack, you’ll love these crafted vintage insignias by Html5themes. There’s a lot in the pack, so you may want to check out there others they have available.

Sheen by Greg Coulton

ornamental type

This reminds me of the illuminated manuscripts from Celtic days, with complex and extremely decorative typography and ornamentation. Every line and every leaf seems to be picture perfect.

Failure Success

failure success

A great quote, combined with a great typographic layout will get more attention than any image. Shrinking the letter c in order to make room for the small words is a great idea.

R Logo

geometric r

A touch of dimension can take the simplest of letters and make it stand out. I also love the noisy texture applied to the whole composition.

Fiat Dog


Playing with positive and negative space is always a great way to get attention. Doing it with typography is a sure fire way to get noticed in a hurry.

A Journey of 1000 Miles

Inspiring typography: A Journey of 1000 miles

This linear composition has a vintage vibe that is really appealing. It’s a simple design, but it really has an appealing style.

Draw More

Inspiring typography

When I saw this, my jaw dropped. The ability to conceive an exploded pencil, and using the innards to form the letters of your composition is truly striking. Sometimes you see something and it just makes you say “wow!” Look closely at how the lead weaves in and out of the type in the center. Paying attention to details like these makes a design like this one that much better.


I imagine that this week, you are truly blown away by these inspiring typography examples. From hand crafted, hand-inked type, to clever digital work, there’s always something clever you can do with type. Which one of these inspiring typography examples are your favorite? I’d love to hear waht you have to say. Feel free to leave your choice in the comments section below. It’s a tough choice, because they are all so good.

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