Hoefler & Co

In case you don’t know who Hoefler & Co is, they are an amazing typeface company who have some of the best typefaces out there. They are the ones who own Gotham, the typeface Twitter chose to revamp their entire online presence. There are tons of font foundries and type houses out there, but Hoefler & Co is one of the best in my opinion, and here’s why.

They Actually Try to Help You

They have actually made the effort to create a site that doesn’t just sell you typefaces, but actually tries to help you understand how to use them. This is great, considering most other typography sites just showcase other people’s work. What designers really want to know and see is how to use a typeface. When you understand this, then you actually have a chance to succeed. They also have a helpful blog, too.

They Offer Font Combo Suggestions

Hoefler & Co: Pairing Suggestions

The most interesting designs are created when you combine two amazing typefaces together. Not only is it difficult to choose which typeface to use, but to figure out which typeface to pair with it for a killer combo is just as hard. Hoefler & Co tries to take the guess work out of the process by offering some great suggestions of what you can pair with your primary selection in order to maximize its presence.

They Make You A Better Designer

Hoefler & Co Techniques

Not only do they try to help you with font choices, but they also give you valuable techniques for combining fonts, so that you can create designs that have a lot of impact. Your message is mostly carried out through the type choices you make. If you can choose amazing typographic combinations, most of the battle has already been won.

They Inspire You

Hoefler & Co Discover Typography

Hoefler & Co has a Discover Typography section where they mix and match different typefaces to create inspiring work. This is awesome for a couple of different reasons. The first one is that they are using the fonts from their own site to inspire you with visually interesting work. The second is that they are choosing fonts that you might not normally combine to inspire you.

What do you think about Hoefler & Co?

They are one of my favorite font foundries. They have a lot of nice features to help graphic designers get better and make good design choices. What is your favorite font foundry or typography website? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.

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