About Super Modified

As designers we are expected to be a well-spring of creativity. Try as we may, sometimes we just can’t get the juices flowing. It can take a little inspiration to help get the wheels turning. If you are like me, you like having a collection of books and inspiring works around to thumb through when you need a little inspiration. Behance has just the thing for you. Super Modified is a book of some of the best creative work you can find on Behance.

Super Modified Cover

Super modified is a curated collection of creative work from all over the world. They had been to go to place for showcasing amazing creative work. Now that they’ve partnered with Adobe, designers from all over the world upload their creative work to share with others. This team at Behance have put together an amazing collection of creative work, all bundled into one volume. If you want to see work that’s on the cutting-edge of creativity, technology, and concept, you’ll want to check out this book.

Super Modified

You never know what kind of imagery will spark an idea for your own project. If you don’t have a collection of creative or inspiring books to look at, you may want to start your collection with this book. There’s just something about having a print copy in front of you to flip through. Sure, you could browse the Internet for hours, that how focused will your efforts be? If you’re like thousands of other people out there, other distractions get in the way of your productivity. Sitting down and looking at this book will be much more productive, because you’re not getting bombarded with emails, you’re not tempted to flip over to Facebook, and you don’t get sidetracked looking at other things on the web. Having a professional level volume of creative work to look at is a way of focusing your efforts for the best results.

Super Modified is full color, and it has a hardcover. It has close to 300 pages of professional creative work to bring your imagination alive. You can pick up a copy of this creative book for only $55. Click here to get yours now.

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