Cool Typography Examples

There’s something about typography that makes me gravitate to it. The lettering and letter forms themselves have become an art form. if you look online, you’ll find thousands of examples of creative type and unique type designs. Cool typography examples are all around us, and I thought that I would share a few of my recent favorites in this post. You’ll see everything from computer generated type, to hand made, hand written, and even objects arranged to form letters. Let’s check out some cool typography examples that will make you want to create your own.

Bent Type

Bent type Luigi

Obviously with German influence, this type bends around and creates a dimensional property that forces you to take the time to follow the contour.

Burger Type

burger - cool typography examples

I really love it when designers turn imagery into type. this is definitely the case with the layers of the burger made into different type. What a killer illustration!

Brushed Text

brushed text - cool typography examples

I really love the sinuous quality of this one. I love the mix of colors and how it creates a sense of dimension. It has a really distinct look, and sets a unique tone.

Thank You From Tobias Hall

thank you - cool typography examples to inspire you

The craftsmanship and the kill dimensional quality is what sets this work apart. I found this on Pinterest, and the link was broken. if you know where the original can be found, email me the link and I’ll update it here. it’s definitely worth a link to the original artist!

Stitched Visual Vibration

vibration text

this example has a little bit of a story. it was hand stitched by the artist, and is titled “I could have done this on my Mac”. What caught my eye was the visual vibration that happens when the cyan, magenta, and yellow values are transposed with a degree a variation.

Type Notebook

type notebook - cool typography examples

This example is a great example of taking type and doing something unexpected with it. The body text actually forms the text from the full headline!

Around The World

cool typography examples - type countries

this typography example takes the letter of each country and adds images within and around it to illustrate aspects of that country. Brilliant, simple, and fun!


cool typography examples - minimalism

This is an example that exemplifies just what the word is. I love the height of the letters and the simplicity of the design. The dimensional quality shows that you can do a lot with just the shape of the letters.

Type tools

type tools - cool typography examples

I really like these type arrangements, made up of nuts, bolts, and various tools. This took some creative thought!

Bubble Wrap Type

bubble wrap type

This took some time, but someone thought, “What if each bubble from bubble wrap was a pixel?” and made type from it. It looks like they injected food coloring into each bubble.

Retro and Vintage Type Effects

retro and vintage type effects

These are apparently styles you can download and buy from Graphic River. I might have to scoop these up for just the right project.

Tom Boy Hand Inked Type

hand inked type - cool typography examples

This is some great hand inked type that took some time to craft. it is exceptional work and definitely takes some patience to complete.

Nifty Kerning Tips

kerning tips infographic

That’s right, I slipped an informative infographic in here! These kerning tips will help you hone your typographic craft and make you a better typographer.

Marker Type

marker type

This type is simple, but cool because it was created with a couple of markers. one for a shadow, one the a highlight and the other as the actual letter forms.


I hope you enjoyed looking these cool typography examples as much as I did sharing them. My favorite is the thank you text that was hand crafted. That blew me away! Which one is your favorite? If you’ve created your own awesome typographic work, please email it to me and it may just get featured here on Design crawl!





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