Typography Is So Powerful

Everyone know the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if the picture is made out of words? Typography is an art form all by itself. I’ve always loved beautiful typography, quality lettering, and beautiful typefaces. To help spread the love, I have put together a collection of fantastic typography from around the web to inspire you. Check out these awesome typography examples shown below.

Tobias Saul

drawn vintage type

You have to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this hand-made typography. Imagine doing this by had, and how long this took.

Typo – Chris Labrooy


I love 3D art, and when you add typography into the mix, my appreciation sky rockets. I love the dripping effect.

80s Retro Type


Nothing beats the nostalgia of retro. These styles just scream the 80s, with their dimension and metallic sheen.

Pully Fireworks Poster

fireworks lettering linear

What a great way to demonstrate the outward burst of fireworks, while making the type still legible.



I love the geometric qualities of the type above. Not only are they geometric, but they are dimensional, too. This gives them a presence in a 3D space, even if they are flat.

Lego Lettering

lego lettering

If you can create type with pixels, then why not Legos? I could see making these in my early years. Not only are they well done, but they are italic, which is especially challenging with square and rectangular bricks.

Light Bulb Sign Letters Pack

lightbulb signs lettering

From Chris Spooner, these light bulb letters are great for any type of Broadway or theatre design.


type illusion

Overall this is a simple design, but it is also an optical illusion.

Type Lettering By Jordan Metcalf

3d vintage power type

I love the linear crafted quality of this type design.

3D Music


This music poster definitely has a presence. The additional 3D elements add to the scene to make it look like a real life set.

Tomasz Biernat

typography logos

This is a collection of the typographic logo work of the past few years for Tomasz Biernat. You can appreciate how he has honed his craft over the years.

Johnson banks | Thought for the Week

tube type

I love how the letters from one word are connected by tubes to the letters of another word. What a cool concept, and excellent execution.

Do It

do it logo

I am a sucker for  playing with positive and negative space. The words “do it” are display with just positive and negative space of 2 letters.

Your Song

cut out type

I don’t know if someone trimmed this out of paper or card stock, but you can appreciate the time and vision that it took to get this done.

Dockers Ad

type jeans

I love this Docker’s ad collection. You can say so much, with type in the form of a person.

Turn Me On By Craig Shields

turn-me-on typography 3D

This dimensional work really gets your attention. I love the emphasis on the lit words. Everything about this works so well.

Animal Alphabet

vintage animal typography

This is an entire alphabet created with letters that are all illustrated as animals. This is brilliant and well done, with a consistent style throughout.

Photoshop Text Effects

amazing photoshop text effects

Want to create amazing type? Check out these Photoshop tutorials to learn how to create your own.

Seattle Art Museum

negative positive jumbled lettering

This poster is for the Seattle Art Museum and it is excellent. It uses positive and negative spaces, combined with a pattern to create a powerful typographic piece.


These amazing typography examples are created by professionals every day. It amazes me how many ways we can create a message through the type forms themselves. Which one of these examples are your favorite? I love the 3D melted type. Please leave your favorite choice in the comments below. Have you created a cool typography design? Share a link to it in the comments, too!

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